Who is RECAP?

Rebuilding Every City Around Peace (RECAP) a national community-based antiviolence group are mobilizing cities across the United States to end the era of gang-violence and restore neighborhoods to peace.

RECAP helps faith-based communities:

  • Build coalitions between entities such as faith-based organizations, police, courts, community organizations, specifically around critical public safety concerns;
  • Create cultures of trust, with the goal of sharing information and resources within these coalitions; and
  • Use proven principles and methods to combat and eventually neutralize the current culture of violence with a culture of peace, and provide alternatives to promote healthy communities. It will also repair the relationships between inner-city communities and public safety stakeholders.

RECAP believes that faith-based organizations in the community should actively participate in community efforts to reduce gang violence as part of their organizational ministry, mission and witness.   In addition, these faith-based institutions should work with city stakeholders, and especially law enforcement, as partners to help enable a significant and sustained reduction in gang and gun violence.

RECAP starts a national conversation – where state, city or town governments, community organizations, faith-based organizations, and law enforcement agencies can dialogue and work together on how to end the era of violence in their communities.

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